Strategic agricultural land and development

Have you ever wanted to know what ‘strategic agricultural land’ is?

Are you looking for a framework to help you understand the value of different parcels of agricultural land?

The absence of state-wide information on the strategic significance of agricultural land presents a challenge for policy and decision makers alike. This is particularly the case where there is a need to weigh up the economic and public value of agricultural uses against competing uses.

The Strategic Agriculture Land and Development (SALAD) Project examines land use change drivers and their impact on agriculture in Victoria. The report provides an overview of extent and nature of land use conversion across the state and comments on the significance of this conversation, offering options for intervention.

The report is of course just the start of what we hope will be an ongoing discussion on how best to build strong and resilient agriculture sector through productive and evidence-based land use planning.

This report is detailed, technical information and is too large to download via the website. If you require the information please email us directly at so we can make arrangements to forward the report to you.

Page last updated: 08 Jan 2021