Educating dog owners on confining their dog

13 May 2021

Animal Welfare Victoria has today launched an advertising campaign educating Victorian dog owners about the importance of keeping their dog safely confined to their property.

Targeting dog owners in regional and peri-urban areas, the campaign highlights the legal obligation of keeping a dog confined to its property and how doing so will keep the animal and the community safe.

Animal Welfare Victoria Director of Pets and Animal Welfare Dr Tracey Marsden wants Victorian dog owners to be aware of their responsibilities.

“It’s law to keep your dog securely confined to your property; this means yards must have a closed gate and an escape-proof fence that it can’t jump over or get through.”

“Dogs can find themselves in dangerous situations if they escape their properties such as getting lost, sustaining a traffic injury or fighting with other dogs.”

“Keeping a dog safe at home will also prevent it from rushing, chasing or attacking a person or another animal, all of which have significant legal consequences.”

RSPCA Victoria CEO Dr Liz Walker said wandering dogs can pose a risk to the community and are an ongoing burden for animal shelters and pounds.

“The RSPCA receives many dogs that have escaped their property or become lost. Unfortunately, many lost dogs in Victoria – around 21 per cent – are never reclaimed by their owners.”

“To reduce the likelihood of a dog escaping, it’s important that owners are doing what they can to enrich the animal’s environment at home with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation and attention.”

Animal Welfare Victoria’s dog confinement campaign will run until Wednesday 26 June across digital, print and outdoor media.

More information about safely confining your dog.

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