The Mallee Corner Post opens for business

22 September 2021

Mallee farmers can jump on the phone or online to chat with Agriculture Victoria land management and livestock experts over the next few months.

The Mallee Corner Post – a series of 30-minute informal discussion sessions – will be held via phone and/or Zoom, in the morning and evening, to support farmers in the Mallee with information and advice.

Sessions will run on the second Tuesday of each month:

Farmers can decide when they would like to participate in a session, morning or evening, to discuss any questions they may have about livestock, grazing or land health.

Agriculture Victoria Livestock Extension Officer Erica Schelfhorst and Land Management Extension Officer Darryl Pearl, along with other technical specialists, will be available for each 30-minute information session to answer questions and offer their expertise.

There will also be an opportunity for farmers to discuss issues with other farmers and individual follow-up sessions are also available.

“Maybe you’ve sown late this year and are wondering how you can get your crop through the spring? These are the types of practical questions we’re keen for farmers to bring to these sessions,” Mr Pearl said.

“Or maybe you’re grazing crops and pastures and you’ve had some stock health and nutrition questions come up? That’s the sort of thing we’re hoping to help with,” Ms Schelfhorst said.

The sessions will run in the morning at 9.30 am, and evening at 7.30 pm, on the second Tuesday of each month.

To phone-in call: (03) 7018 2005 (Conference ID 881 6482 5993, Passcode 206886)

Join by Zoom

Reliable, science-based information and specialist tools to help farmers manage livestock nutrition are also available through the Feeding Livestock website.

If you’d like to talk to someone about The Mallee Corner Post sessions, you can contact Erica Schelfhorst at or Darryl Pearl on 0417 432 711 or

Media contact: Sarah Hetherington, 0409 405 639