Opportunities in the horticulture industry

A robot in a SmartFarm.

There are three PhD fellowships available in the horticulture industry.

These positions will be based at Agriculture Victoria’s Tatura and Irymple Research Centres and SmartFarms.


PhD fellowships available

Precision closed-loop irrigation in pear and nectarine - Tatura SmartFarm

This PhD candidate will examine the effects of closed-loop irrigation on the eco-physiology, fruit quality and production performance in pear and nectarine.

The PhD candidate will have access to a new state-of-the-art precision irrigation system within experimental orchards that relies on artificial intelligence to determine when and how much to irrigate.

Biotic and abiotic factors that trigger floral bud initiation in prominent almond varieties - Mildura SmartFarm

This PhD candidate will develop a better understanding of the impact of biotic and abiotic factors on the physiological and molecular events leading to the initiation of floral primordia in almond spurs.

The candidate will have access to the new Horizon 3 high density almond experimental orchard at the Mildura SmartFarm.

Quantify the potential for energy generation, sun protection benefits and microclimate effects in orchards

This PhD candidate will focus on quantifying the solar energy generation, light interception and sun protection benefits of strategically placed solar panels in Australian fruit orchards.

The candidate will have access to Tatura SmartFarm Technologies, including digital tree and fruit quality measurements, light detection and ranging (LiDAR) and optical and multi-spectral and thermal imaging. This data provides new levels of analysis of the tree’s performance within modern orchard systems.

Page last updated: 08 Oct 2021