Wild Dog Action Plan

Green paddock with trees with large black wild dogWild dogs are one of the major invasive animals threatening private land assets in provincial Victoria. They are distributed throughout forested areas in eastern Victoria, and in the Big Desert Wilderness area in the north west of the state.

The wild dog population comprises feral or wild populations of dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) and Dingo-dog hybrids (Canis lupus dingo x Canis lupus familiaris).

Action plan

There is an action plan in place to manage wild dogs in Victoria. This action plan sets out a 5-year approach for the management of wild dogs in Victoria.

With the objective of all land owners and managers working together to reduce the negative impacts of wild dogs, this plan sets out 3 priority areas for government and stakeholder action:

  • strengthen the coordination of wild dog management
  • reduce the negative impacts of wild dogs
  • continuously improve how wild dogs are managed


We have also produced a three page overview of the action plan with some additional information for landholders:

Page last updated: 09 Dec 2021