Movement of Queensland fruit fly outbreak affected host produce

Outbreaks of Queensland fruit fly (QFF) in the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area (PFA) are declared under the Plant Biosecurity Act 2010. Once an outbreak is declared, a 15 km restricted area comes into force to reduce the impact of the pest.

Queensland fruit fly host produce

Queensland fruit fly host produce that has been grown or packed in a QFF restricted area must be treated before leaving the area.

Host produce includes:

  • avocados
  • citrus (oranges, mandarins, tangelos, lemons, limes and grapefruit)
  • figs
  • persimmons
  • pome fruit (apples, pears and quince)
  • grapes
  • eggplants
  • tomatoes
  • capsicums
  • chillies
  • stone fruit (cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots)
  • strawberries.

Any host produce harvested prior to an outbreak declaration can move to fruit fly sensitive markets under area freedom certification, providing that it:

  • has been stored separately from produce harvested after this date
  • is labelled
  • its status is verified by an officer of Agriculture Victoria.

Businesses intending to consign any Queensland fruit fly host fruit out of a restricted area will require a permit issued by Agriculture Victoria prior to any fruit being moved from the property.

Processing Queensland fruit fly host fruit

Host fruit destined for processing may only be consigned untreated under a permit issued by Agriculture Victoria.

Treatment accreditations for moving Queensland fruit fly host produce

There are treatment accreditations  available for moving QFF host produce out of restricted areas.

A number of the options are also available for interstate markets.

When consigning to these QFF-sensitive markets, it's the responsibility of the consigning business to ensure:

  • it's complying with all quarantine entry requirements
  • the product is free of QFF infestation.

Before consignment, contact us for the most up-to-date information on trade restrictions. Call our Customer Service Centre on 136 186 and ask to speak with a plant standards officer.

For accreditation options, visit the Interstate Certificate Assurance website.

Transport through the restricted area

Produce grown outside the restricted area may be transported through the restricted area to fruit fly sensitive markets, provided the produce:

  • is in unvented cartons
  • has been shrink wrapped
  • is transported in a covered vehicle.

Verification of  host produce on arrival in the Greater Sunraysia PFA

All products being consigned into the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area must be verified on arrival by:

  • an accredited business
  • a plant standards officer
  • person authorised under the Plant Biosecurity Act 2010.

For further information regarding movement and treatment requirements contact your local Plant Standards Officer on 136 186.

Growers and packers must ensure that all chemicals  used are in accordance with the instructions provided on the APVMA approved chemical label or appropriate APVMA permit, including dosage rates and withholding periods.

Page last updated: 19 Oct 2020