Queensland fruit fly action plan

Queensland fruit flies are a significant threat to Victoria's horticultural industry, affecting production and trade opportunities.

To effectively manage this pest, a collaborative approach between industry, government and community is required.

The Victorian government supports this view and together with community and industry partners has developed a five year action plan (Managing Fruit Fly in Victoria Action Plan 2015–2020), linking statewide and regional actions.

The delivery of the Managing Fruit Fly in Victoria Action Plan 2015–2020 is underway. To complete the actions outlined in the plan, a number of organisations are required to work together.

These organisations are represented by an advisory committee to oversee the delivery of the plan, and regional governance groups in three key horticulture areas:

  • Goulburn Murray Valley
  • Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area
  • the Yarra Valley.

Managing Fruit Fly in Victoria Action Plan 2015–2020

We need to work together to reduce the impacts of fruit fly on horticulture productivity, quality and market access opportunities.

The five year State-wide Action Plan focuses on three areas:

  • Strengthen fruit fly management through coordination and collaboration.
  • Improving the management of fruit fly.
  • Enabling intrastate, interstate and international trade.

The full action plan is available to download:

Regional fruit fly action plans

Regionally specific fruit fly action plans have been developed for the Goulburn Murray Valley, Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area and the Yarra Valley by the Fruit Fly Regional Governance Groups in the respective regions.

These plans set out the priority actions for each region which align with the broader Managing fruit fly in Victoria Action Plan 2015–2020.

While each plan has common themes around meeting industry and community education and management needs, each plan is also tailored to each unique region:

Page last updated: 23 Dec 2020