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There are tens of thousands of jobseekers ready to work on the Victorian Government’s job-matching site, the Jobs Victoria online hub. If you are a farmer or other employer in the agriculture sector, register your workforce needs now on the Jobs Victoria online hub.

Seasonal Worker Program and Pacific Labour Scheme (Pacific Mobility Schemes)

The Victorian and Tasmanian governments have entered a partnership for Pacific workers to undertake mandatory hotel quarantine in Tasmania before arriving in Victoria to support agriculture businesses. Victoria and Tasmania have agreed to quarantining an initial 1,500 workers from the Pacific Islands in Tasmanian Government designated accommodation.

Approved Employers that are Victorian agribusinesses or supporting Victorian agribusinesses under the Australian Government’s Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) and Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) can apply to the Australian Government for workers under the schemes.

The Victorian Government is covering the majority of costs associated with quarantine arrangements. Approved Employers are required to reimburse a contribution of $2,000 per worker to the Victorian Government for the cost of quarantine.

How can I access the workers?

The Pacific Mobility Schemes are administered by the Australian Government. As is usually the process under the schemes, Approved Employers apply for workers.

Agriculture businesses that are not registered Approved Employers under the PLS or SWP are able to access workers through arrangements with labour hire firms that are registered Approved Employers.

Agriculture businesses that would like to become Approved Employers can apply to the Australian Government.

More information is available at:

If you need urgent assistance finding local workers this harvest season, register your details and one of our Seasonal Workforce Coordinators will contact you.

Register and list jobs on the Jobs Victoria online hub

Jobs Victoria matches employees with jobseekers who are ready to work. There are thousands of jobseekers signed up, with more joining each week.

Register and list your seasonal workforce jobs.

Watch the demonstration video to learn how to use the online hub and find out how it supports seasonal workforce employers.

Welcome to Working for Victoria, a free online recruitment platform developed by the Victorian Government to help you as employers find workers, fast.

What is Working for Victoria?

This platform can quickly and easily match employers with jobseekers who are ready and able to work in any sector or region across Victoria. There are thousands of jobseekers registered, with many of them indicating interest in working as labourers or in the Agricultural industry.

The median age of the jobseekers registered with Working for Victoria is 29, with 68 per cent of users with 68 per cent of users under 35.

The platform allows employers to easily register and manage their own opportunities, with the ability to categorise jobseekers by where they are willing to work.

This simple process allows employers to easily screen and contact jobseekers quickly as they apply, either shortlisting or passing on their application.

How can Working for Victoria support our seasonal workforce?

The Working for Victoria platform can complement your existing recruitment strategies to identify and engage jobseekers.

The platform is easy to use and can help to fill job opportunities in the agricultural sector fast, whether you need lots of workers or just one.

The platform can be used to offer long-term seasonal jobs or shorter,  casual opportunities across Victoria.

It’s easy to navigate, allowing employers to update their own job opportunities and details according to their changing needs.

Support is also available from the Working for Victoria team to help employers maximise use of the platform and to access existing jobseekers  interested in working in seasonal roles.

How has Working for Victoria supported the Victorian workforce this year?

The Working for Victoria platform is used by over 700 employers with thousands of skilled and unskilled job opportunities available.

This year the platform has helped to  create a workforce to meet surge demands and meet workforce supply demand across both public and private sectors  sectors.

We created a surge workforce earlier this year when over 1800 jobseekers were identified to transfer into local  Community Service Officer roles and start engaging with community members across the state within a matter of days.

We filled these roles in partnership with labour hire companies often mobilizing significant numbers of jobseekers within a 24-hour period.

We also partnered with Coles to mobilise over 50 Jobseekers in targeted regions to meet emergency demands in produce distributions centres – making sure Victorians had food on their tables.

How do employers post jobs on the platform?

The Working for Victoria platform is easy to use and designed for employers to register and instantly post live job opportunities.

Registering is easy. You can register a user account on the website or contact us for further information at

Once an account is set up, employers can create job advertisements that can be targeted to jobseekers that are willing to work in specific towns, cities or regions across Victoria.

Jobseekers can also choose to see opportunities up to 250 kilometres away, as well as any region they have an interest to work in.

Employers can add screening questions – ensuring that they can recruit jobseekers with the skills that they  need for their business.

You can also add up to fifteen questions to identify their skills including:

  • availability
  • experience
  • working rights.

Once job advertisements are open, jobseekers can instantly see roles that match their preferred region and industry of interest.

Employers can regularly review applicants while their opportunities  are still available, or hide jobs once demand is met.

What do Jobseekers see?

Registration is a simple process and can be done via the app or desktop.

Jobseekers register online and create a profile to showcase their experience and personal skills to employers.

Jobseekers can receive instant notifications on their phones when new  job adverts are posted matching their locations preferences and their skills.

Jobseekers can express interest in opportunities and answer questions straight from the app on their phone.

Jobseekers receive simple instant messages to inform them of their progress for the opportunity, so they can be ready when an employer gets in touch.

What sort of agriculture training is available?

The platform also provides access to free online training units.

These short online training units are available for industries where jobs are available, such as agriculture and horticulture.

These three training units are available on the Working for Victoria  platform.

  • Introduction to work health and safety — food processing
  • Introduction to work health and safety — meat processing
  • Introduction to work health and safety processes — agriculture and horticulture.

Other training available includes:

  • Horticulture farm worker induction program
  • Pathways for people in dairy.


How do employers review candidates?

Reviewing candidates is easy. Applications, jobseeker responses and  profiles can be reviewed on a mobile phone through the app or via desktop.

Employers can shortlist jobseekers or pass on their application.

Once the shortlisting is completed employers can access jobseekers contact details which can be exported to  undertake the next step in recruitment.

Employers can review applicants on a rolling basis while their opportunities are still available or hide jobs once demand is met.

Complete opportunities and notify Jobseekers

Once you find appropriate candidates, you can finalise opportunities on the platform and choose to notify shortlisted jobseekers who were unsuccessful.

Completing your opportunities also helps Working for Victoria follow how many jobs employers have filled using our platform.

More information?

Employers can easily register their own user account at our website or contact us for further information at

I hope you found that information valuable in assisting you finding you your new employees.

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Page last updated: 07 Apr 2021