Victorian Wine Industry Development Strategy 2017 to 2021

The Victorian Government made a commitment to deliver a Wine Industry Development Strategy (the strategy). The purpose of the strategy is to improve the long-term performance and sustainability of Victoria's wine industry.

The strategy was launched by the then Minister for Agriculture, the Hon Jaala Pulford, MP on Friday 9 June 2017 at an event attended by wine industry representatives in the Yarra Valley.

What's included in the strategy

The strategy has been co-designed by the Victorian Government and the Wine MAC, on behalf of the Victorian wine industry. The strategy:

  • seeks to grow Victoria's wine industry
  • aims to deliver an industry that is more profitable, coordinated, skilled and better informed
  • outlines challenges and opportunities currently before the wine industry
  • provides an agreed pathway for addressing these challenges and enabling industry to capture new opportunities.

Cover of the 2017 to 2021 Victorian Wine Industry Development Strategy

Background of the strategy

The strategy is structured around 4 key platforms, which address the following aims:

  • adapt to business and production challenges
  • increase tourist numbers and expenditure in Victorian wine regions
  • develop profitable and sustainable export markets
  • increase industry coordination.

The strategy is informed by a comprehensive consultation and analysis of the Victorian wine industry. Consultation included conducting 14 regional sessions and 45 interviews with industry stakeholders across the state.

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