Victoria's export performance

Cover of the Victorian Food and Fibre Export Performance Report 2020-21Victoria again demonstrated the strength of its food and fibre export sector, maintaining its position as Australia’s leading exporting state, contributing 27 per cent of national food and fibre exports for 2020–2021 year.

Victoria’s total food and fibre exports were valued at nearly $14 billion in 2020–2021.

  • Meat was Victoria's largest value export at $3.3 billion down 28 per cent on the previous year
  • Grains exports had the largest increase in value up 132 per cent on the previous year
  • Victoria is the largest national exporter of dairy with 73 per cent of Australia’s dairy exports coming from within the state.

Food and fibre exports contribute an estimated 5.9 per cent to the state’s Gross State Product (GSP) and employs 6.4 per cent of the workforce.

A key strength of the sector is its diverse export base.

The highest value export markets by commodity group in 2020–2021 were:

  • For meat exports – USA at $875 million
  • For Grain exports – Vietnam at $245 million
  • For Dairy – China at $678 million
  • For Prepared foods exports – New Zealand at $327 million
  • For wine exports – United Kingdom at $74.5 million.

Product category exports increased in:

  • Wheat – up 295 per cent
  • Fish – up 115%  per cent
  • Milk and Cream – up 5 per cent.

Exports to the Philippines increase by 103 per cent and exports to Vietnam increased by 69 per cent.

Download the Victorian food and fibre export performance 2020–2021 report:

Page last updated: 01 Jul 2022