Floods and storms

23 March 2023 Hailstorm Support

The Victorian Government is supporting growers and farmers in the City of Greater Shepparton and Yarra Ranges Council local government areas affected by the 23 March 2023 hailstorm event to get back in business, with concessional loans to support their relief and recovery efforts.

A Hailstorm Primary Producer Concessional Loan of up to $250,000 to restore and replace damaged assets, and meet general expenses incurred while the clean-up is underway is available, with applications closing at 4pm on 14 November 2023.

Growers and farmers whose properties were impacted or suffered a significant loss of income as a direct result of the March 2023 hailstorm event can apply.

Rural Finance administers this program which is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments through Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Visit the Rural Finance website for application forms and program guidelines or call Rural Finance on 1800 260 25 if you have any questions.

Financial support for flood and storm-affected farmers – application time extended

Farmers and growers impacted by floods and storms between 6 October 2022 and 13 January 2023 may be eligible to apply for financial support via the current flood recovery grants and concessional loan.

The closing date for applications has been extended to 13 July 2023.

The extension applies to these programs:

  • Primary Producer Flood Recovery Grant
  • Rural Landholder Grant
  • Flood Recovery Transport Support Program
  • Primary Producer Flood Recovery Concessional Loan

Rural Finance administer these programs on behalf of the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments. Visit the Rural Finance website for application forms and program guidelines.

Agriculture Victoria is working with Victorian farmers and industry to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters, including floods and storms. This includes delivering technical information and supporting events to support farm business recovery on topics such as:

  • grazing, cropping and pasture management
  • irrigation and horticulture system rehabilitation
  • soil erosion management
  • land management
  • animal health and nutrition
  • farm mapping and planning
  • water quality
  • weed management.

For information about upcoming recovery events and field days, visit our Events page.

Farmers seeking assistance or advice are encouraged to phone the Agriculture Recovery team on 0427 694 185 or email recovery@agriculture.vic.gov.au

Farmers and service providers are encouraged to subscribe to the Flood Recovery digital newsletter where events and support information is published.

For more information visit vic.gov.au/2022-flood-recovery.