Forms and licensing

New licence application or licence variation forms

To apply for a new licence:

  • Scientific Procedures Premises Licence
  • Scientific Procedures Premises Licence (School)
  • Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence
  • Specified Animals Breeding Licence.

Please contact

To submit a variation application, please contact for the current forms.

If you are applying for renewal of a current licence due to expire in the 2020 to 2021 financial year, please complete the relevant renewal form below.

Licence renewal forms 2020 to 2021

If your licence is due to expire in June 2021, please complete the relevant form below.

Fieldwork notification form

Form to notify us of scientific procedures conducted as fieldwork (procedures conducted at non-licensed premises):

'Death as an end-point' procedures

'Death as an end-point' procedures (DAEP) procedures are defined in the Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes as 'those rare procedures where death is the deliberate measure for evaluating biological or chemical processes, responses or effects'. Refer to the Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice page for a link to the Australian code.

The form to apply to conduct 'Death as an end-point' procedures (DAEP):

Animal use return forms for 2020

Animal use returns must be completed and submitted to Animal Welfare Victoria for:

The annual return consists of 3 parts. The Licence holder is responsible for submitting a complete and accurate return. This may include a Part A and a Part C, but must include a Part B.

Refer to the Animal return submission guideline to assist in completion of the return. Part A, Part B and Part C documents are available in the following section.

Complete and accurate returns are due by 31 March 2021.

Page last updated: 15 Jul 2020