How to use the farm water calculator

The farm water calculator is a tool to assist with planning water supplies on your farm.

The figures and formulas used in this tool are based upon best science at this time. Due to the variable nature of water and the assumptions contained within the science the figures should be used as a guide only.

Instructions for using the farm water calculator

Step 1

Locate your property OR use the default property — either type in your property address and select 'locate' or simply select 'locate' to use the example farm.

You can adjust the property boundary then select 'confirm'. This will bring up the rainfall data screen.

Step 2

Either select the rainfall data for your region, or add in your own data. Select 'confirm'.

'Water sources' will now be highlighted on the left hand end of top bar.

Step 3

Select the property 'water sources' by clicking and dragging an icon (dam) one at a time on to the farm.

Fill in the data screen that appears each time, then click and drag the next water source. You may drag more than one dam, bore on to the farm.

Once you have all the water sources filled in, look for the 'water uses' icon on the top bar.

Step 4

Select the property 'water uses' by clicking and dragging an icon one at a time on to the farm. Fill in the data screen as it appears. Once you have added all the water uses, look for the 'water balance' icon on the top bar.

Step 5

Select the 'water balance' icon to see whether you have a surplus or deficit of water. The table that appears will summarises your storage, yield and usage, and the graph at the bottom illustrates the balance.

For more information on your farm water balance or other farm water planning or management options, go to Farm Water Solutions or contact the Customer Service Centre on 136 186.

Page last updated: 19 Jul 2021