Meet the trial coordinators

Farmers using digital agriculture tools.

Agriculture Victoria has appointed a dedicated staff of Industry Technology Coordinators to support farmers taking part in the On-Farm IoT Trial.

Agriculture Victoria’s Industry Technology Coordinators have expertise in digital technology and will provide specialised support to farmers throughout the trial. This includes helping farmers select from the range of apps and devices available under the trial, to identify an IoT solution that will match their on-farm needs.

For farmers participating in the trial, your local Industry Technology Coordinator will be your key point of contact for the trial.

Contact the trial coordinators on the phone numbers below, or email

Andy Clark – Horticulture at Tatura

Portrait photograph of Andy Clark

Andy spent 20 years in advertising, building digital solutions and developing data management software before working in Agriculture.

“Looking for an industry to focus on, I came to Agriculture. Living in Bendigo, I’ve been working at AgTech for the last three years, helping farmers to adopt technology on their farm and adapt this to their existing working practices,” Andy said.

“I’m excited to learn more about horticulture after being surrounded by it in the region I grew up in, but I’ve never really understood the complexities until now.

“I hope to be able to bring my technology related skills to farmers and see how they can be used to support and improve growers’ current working practices.”

Contact Andy at Agriculture Victoria’s Tatura Office on 0436 804 656.

Mark Sloan – Sheep at Serpentine

Portrait photo of Mark Sloan

Mark has a diverse background: from working as a technology support and product development consultant, to running his own small business providing technological solutions for the heavy vehicle industry.

He also spent 11 years as a secondary education teacher specialising in maths and science.

“I now have a small property of my own north of St Arnaud – it’s a mixed farming enterprise,” Mark said.

“When it comes to the trial, I’m keen to get out and about, work with farmers and technology and see the options in action. I’m really looking forward to working with everybody, picking up some of their knowledge and sharing my own experiences with technological solutions.”

Contact Mark at Agriculture Victoria’s Bendigo Office on 0436 833 668.

Mark Gould – Grains at Birchip

Portrait photo of Mark Gould

Mark joined the Agriculture Victoria team after working as an Advisory Systems Engineer with Dell Technologies in Melbourne.

He’s always open to chat about technology and how it relates to farming practices.

“I moved to the Wimmera about 18 months ago. Agriculture is the core industry in this part of the country and I’m interested in bringing my 20 years of technology experience to farmers to help them to be more efficient and profitable,” Mark said.

“When it comes to the trial, I can’t wait to see the smile on farmers’ faces when they see what they always thought was true is now backed up by data, and they can spend a lot less time touring the farm to make informed decisions.”

Contact Mark at Agriculture Victoria’s Horsham Office on 0448 086 059.

Yan Lai – Dairy at Maffra

Portrait photo of Yan Lai

Yan has worked as an Applied Science Advisor with the Environmental Protection Authority, a Quality Assurance/Project Manager in Mainstream Aquaculture and a Digital Sales Specialist at Telstra before joining Agriculture Victoria.

“After working on a barramundi farm for several years, I became interested in learning where our food comes from and exploring how we can produce food more sustainably,” Yan said.

“Although farming fish is not a ‘typical’ agricultural activity, the fundamental concept of producing high quality food profitably and sustainably is the same. I believe technology has a big part to play in achieving this.

“When it comes to the trial, I’m looking forward to learning more about the dairy industry and working directly with farmers on the ground to assist them in achieving their farming goals using technology.”

Contact Yan at Agriculture Victoria’s Ellinbank Office on 0436 830 944.

Page last updated: 12 Jul 2020