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We have been updating our Feeding Livestock website to include more relevant nutritional information and resources that can be useful in any year or season. The website hosts our Drought Feeding and Management of Beef Cattle and Sheep books, as well as many other resources, tools and links. The latest update we have added is a page of pasture resources relating to stock requirements and feed budgeting.

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Pasture resources

On this page, we’ve included a range of tools for estimating feed on offer or feed availability, such as the Meat & Livestock Australia pasture ruler and links to some images that can help put some numbers to what you might be seeing in the paddock.

One tool that is available is the Livestock Feed on Offer Assessment Guide as a pdf. This farmer group–driven resource was produced to help farmers in the low-rainfall mixed farming areas assess their feedbase to improve their feed budgeting skills and nutrition of ewes. It includes pictures of a range of crop/pasture types (cereals, vetch, medics, crop stubbles) with measured feed on offer and feed quality.

There is also a range of pasture growth curves on this page, such as the basic one shown here, as well as a link to the EverGraze site that has many examples of different pasture types at different locations. Having an idea of your pasture growth in key paddocks is useful for making forward estimates of how much feed you are growing to meet livestock requirements or create fodder surplus for harvesting.

Pasture growth rates (Source Prograze manual) – a guide only as these may vary considerably with pasture species, soil type, moisture, climate and management.

Graph showing pasture growth rates

Grain and hay prices

We have also included a link to the Dairy Australia hay and grain reports, which are updated regularly for a range of locations (as shown in the screenshot).

Screenshot of useful links from Feeding livestock website


We hope you have a look and find some useful resources. We welcome your feedback, email jane.court@agriculture.vic.gov.au or through the feedback button on the right of the site screen.

Page last updated: 05 Sep 2023