Exporting plants and plant products

Private (non-commercial) travellers

A summary of plants and plant products that can be taken from Victoria into other Australian states or territories is provided in the Traveller's Guide to Australian Interstate Quarantine.

Commercial activities

Interstate authorities may place restrictions on the movement of plants, plant products or related materials into their state.

Entry into another state may not occur unless the material is certified as having been treated or inspected in line with the quarantine conditions specified by that state.

Business are advised to check these conditions and any additional fees or charges via the websites below:

Plant health certification

A plant health certificate may be issued by an authorised inspector to facilitate the export plants and plant materials. These are used to certify compliance with quarantine conditions specified by another state, before movement into that state. Plant health certificates may also be issued for intrastate movement where quarantine conditions apply to specific areas within Victoria.

We are conducting a trial to streamline the process for issuing plant health certificates. As part of this trial, the data required for the certificate can be entered using an online form before a consignment is inspected.

Interstate Certification Assurance

As an alternative a business may be accredited under a national Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) system that allows the business to treat and certify the plant or plant materials. ICA arrangements allow clients to respond quickly to market demands while still meeting interstate quarantine conditions.

Grower accreditation

Most states and territories have quarantine conditions in place concerning the movement of nursery stock (bulbs, potted plants, bare rooted stock, advanced trees) and leafy vegetables. Growers may be accredited to issue certification permitting movement of stock to another state or territory.

Industry notices about exporting plants and plant products from Victoria to other Australian states

Industry notices — For businesses exporting plants and plant products from Victoria to other Australian states.

For information about exporting plants and plant products to other countries, refer to the Department of Agriculture.

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Page last updated: 29 Aug 2022