Technology tips

One of the associated benefits of producers adopting technology to solve on-farm problems, is that they can use the general functionality of their

hardware (smartphones, tablets) and internet connectivity to help them be more efficient and effective with other aspects of their farm business.

The following tips may be helpful. Click on the links for information on how to access and use these functions.

Hot spotting

Ability to connect your laptop or desktop computer to the internet using the cellular connectivity of your smartphone or tablet. Read more on the Sheep Notes newsletter.

Scanning documents

Scan multiple or single pages and save or send as a PDF rather than as a picture or photo. Find out how.

The Do not disturb function

This function on your phone, which can be automated to turn on at specific times, can ensure that you are not interrupted by an incoming message or call. Find out more in a recent Sheep Notes newsletter.

Page last updated: 25 May 2022