Interstate certification assurance arrangements

The Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) Scheme is a national system which allows an accredited business to issue Plant Health Assurance Certificates (PHAC) without the need certification of an authorised officer.

When a PHAC is issued by an accredited business, it is accepted as evidence of complying with the quarantine requirements for interstate and intrastate trade.

An ICA arrangement is an agreement between a business and the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR). The accredited business assumes responsibility for treating and or inspecting produce and then issuing a PHAC.

ICA arrangements are routinely audited by DJPR to ensure they are working effectively.


The benefits obtained by individual businesses will vary according to the type of operation and the produce covered by the ICA arrangement. However, benefits can include:

  • increased flexibility – businesses can plan operations without the need to arrange for a DJPR inspector to be present
  • improved awareness of quality issues – documented staff responsibilities and duties
  • improved operational control – procedures documented
  • reduced certification costs

Further information

For more information on the ICA Scheme, accreditation, application forms and full text copies of procedures:

Page last updated: 29 Aug 2022