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Get involved in citizen science

Citizen science is a great way to get involved, and you don’t need a science background or technical know-how to take part.

On this page you will find information about current citizen science projects and activities, and other resources to help you to get involved.

Join the Quest

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Biosecurity is all about protecting what we value most by preventing and managing harm caused by pests and diseases. ​One way you can get involved is by joining the Great Biosecurity Quest.

Visit the Biosecurity Quest webpage to find out more.

Join the Quest

Citizen science spotlight – Christmas beetle count – latest news

Did you know…. April is Citizen Science Month! Globally thousands of citizen scientists are taking  part in activities to collect data and improve our knowledge about the world around us. Citizen Science Month promotes opportunities for all people to participate in science in meaningful ways. There is still time left to get involved and join other citizen scientists globally and you can participate in ‘One Million Acts of Science!'

One citizen science activity close to home is the Invasive Species Council’s Bug Hunt. You can sign up to the Bug Hunt, and help scientists keep track of bees, ants, snails and all sorts of other bugs across Australia! Find out more information on how to join, as well as lots of great information about the bugs that pose a risk to our biosecurity in Australia.

Other ways to get involved

Make a biosecurity report

Getting involved helps you to learn about biosecurity threats, so you know what to report and how to report it if you ever come across one.

If you need to make a biosecurity report you can do so through our website or the emergency pest and disease hotlines.

Make a biosecurity report