Condition 27F - Lupin Anthracnose: Seed for sowing

The information within this Import Condition was current as of the date of printing: Saturday, 20 July 2024.

New entry conditions or amendments may be implemented from time to time and are uploaded into the Plant Quarantine Manual.

It is recommended that you regularly check the website for the most up to date import conditions.

Any seed for sowing of Lupinus species originating from an area covered by an Area Freedom Certificate declaring that the area from which the host material originated is known to be free from lupin anthracnose, may enter Victoria without restriction, otherwise‐

the entry or importation into Victoria of any seed for sowing of Lupinus species is prohibited unless

  1. certified that the seed was:
    1. grown from seed tested and found free of lupin anthracnose; and
    2. sown and harvested using equipment which has not been used on crops known to be infected with lupin anthracnose within the previous two years; and
    3. inspected after planting by a person approved by the department responsible for agriculture in the State or Territory where the crop is growing, once after full emergence of seedlings and again when primary spikes have flowered, and no evidence of lupin anthracnose is detected; and
    4. sampled, where for every 25t of material in the consignment, 40 samples are taken, from which a 1.5kg sub-sample is obtained, tested and found free of lupin anthracnose; and
    5. treated with a fungicide registered for the control of lupin anthracnose, at a rate specified on the label; or
  2. enters Victoria in accordance with a permit issued by Agriculture Victoria. To apply for a permit visit the Plant biosecurity permit page.

Documentation requirement: PHC, PHAC, Plant Health Declaration or permit.

Relevant Hosts / Commodities