Industrial hemp taskforce

On 29 August 2019, Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes announced that she had formed a taskforce to explore the industrial hemp industry and examine the challenges and opportunities the industry is facing.

The taskforce will engage directly with industry stakeholders, participants and research organisations to gain a thorough understanding of the industry and how Victoria can maximise its economic potential.

The taskforce is made up of:

  • Minister Thomas, Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development
  • Ali Cupper, MP Member for Mildura
  • Fiona Patten, MP Member for Northern Metropolitan Region

Secretariat support:

  • Agriculture Victoria

It will focus strictly on the industrial use of hemp rather than the therapeutic use.

Input and feedback is welcome from the industry and wider public and can be emailed to

Industrial hemp taskforce terms of reference

The taskforce will:

  • examine information from key stakeholders on the current state of the industry, issues, barriers and opportunities
  • consider uses of industrial hemp in other jurisdictions and appropriate learnings for Victoria
  • examine how the Victorian Government can support industry development and growth across Victoria
  • examine the regulatory and licencing framework for hemp cultivation and hemp products
  • consider any other relevant matters

The taskforce has released its findings which highlights a range of opportunities including the potential use of hemp for the building, food, beverage, cosmetic and pet food industries. Challenges to be addressed include a lack of processing capability, regulatory barriers, knowledge gaps in crop varieties and agronomy, as well as data gaps to support business viability.

Download a copy of the report

Industrial Hemp Taskforce interim report(PDF - 244.3 KB)

Industrial Hemp Taskforce interim report (WORD - 413.6 KB)

The taskforce will deliver its final report once consultation with stakeholders is complete. The report will inform government and industry about opportunities to develop this emerging industry.

Page last updated: 19 Apr 2021