What is the AgTech Regional Innovation Network (AgRIN)?

The AgTech Regional Innovation Network (AgRIN) is a $15million initiative funded by the Victorian Government’s $65 million Agriculture Strategy, Strong, Innovation, Sustainable: A new strategy for Agriculture in Victoria.

AgRIN will focus on one of the five key themes in the Agriculture Strategy - Modernise

Text on tile: Modernise - Modernise Victorian agriculture through innovation, investment and future skills

  • Increase the adoption of new, effective and fit for purpose technology.
  • Grow a thriving and globally competitive AgTech industry in Victoria.
  • Enhance the commercialisation of research.
  • Deliver the agriculture skills of the future.

To deliver the four elements of Modernise, the support and development of an innovative and interconnected Victorian AgTech ecosystem is pivotal. This will be at the core of all AgRIN’s deliverables.

What are AgTech Regional Innovation Network's (AgRIN) objectives?

AgRIN’s strategic objectives are to:

  • Support the growth of AgTech start-ups
  • Enhance AgTech provider capability and competitiveness
  • Grow the AgTech sector and trade and investment opportunities
  • Leverage Victoria's research and development capability, and increase the commercialisation of AgTech research
  • Support farmer AgTech capability.

How will AgTech Regional Innovation Network (AgRIN) achieve these objectives?

AgTech Regional Innovation Network (AgRIN) will work in partnership with government agencies, industry associations, auspice bodies and industry to develop, design and deliver programs and initiatives to foster and develop a vibrant, successful and connected AgTech ecosystem is in Victoria.

The Victorian Government aims to position Victoria an attractive location for:

  • Australian and international AgTech companies to set up a presence or headquarters in Victoria, Australia
  • Australian and international investment
  • increased on farm adoption, R&D, and commercialisation of research
  • increased networks and collaboration e.g. open innovation partnerships.

How can I learn more and get involved?

As AgRIN delivers its key initiatives and programs, information will be available at AgRIN initiatives and programs. AgRIN will seek to involve all members of the Victorian AgTech sector, foster and encourage collaboration between all stakeholder groups.

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Overview of AgTech in Victoria

Victorian agriculture is the cornerstone of the Victorian economy with a gross value of agriculture production $15.9B in 2018-19[1]. Victoria’s farmers, agribusinesses and surrounding communities are an integral part of our way of life. They feed us, clothe us and export our products to the world. Agriculture creates essential jobs in our regions and supports the productive management of our landscapes.

Agriculture is a key sector of Victoria’s economy, employing 146,600 staff across 2020-21[2]. The sector is vitally important to the Victorian economy and our future, however, changing conditions mean the sector needs to continually adapt. AgTech is a key driver to support adaptation of the agriculture sector, with the potential to provide farmers with the tools, data and knowledge to make more informed, timely on-farm decisions and improve productivity and sustainability. Whilst innovation in agriculture is not a new phenomenon, the rate of change is unprecedented globally, and poses unique challenges and opportunities for the sector [3].

AgTech can have a significant impact on Australia’s agricultural sector’s growth. The total value of the global AgTech market is expected to reach $22.5 billion by 2025 [4] (an estimated growth rate of 150% from 2020).

With the delivery of the AgTech Regional Innovation Network (AgRIN) and Agriculture Strategy, Strong, Innovation, Sustainable: A new strategy for Agriculture in Victoria the Victorian Government is committed to working alongside other Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, industry associations, auspice bodies and industry to develop Victoria and Australia into a globally competitive and attractive and innovative AgTech ecosystem.


Page last updated: 26 Feb 2024