Fire, floods and storms

Agriculture impact reporting and recovery assistance

For farmers who have been impacted by the 13 February, 2024 fires and storms and have urgent animal welfare needs, please contact Agriculture Victoria on  1800 226 226.

Self-reporting agricultural impacts

The information you provide when reporting agricultural impacts is used to help government understand the scale and impacts of a particular natural disaster, including the delivery of appropriate recovery efforts and support.

For reporting agricultural impacts from the 13 February 2024 fires and storms  use our online form by clicking on the button below.

Agricultural recovery technical support

If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Agriculture Recovery team on 0427 694 185 or at

If leaving a message please provide a contact name, phone number and locality with a brief statement about the nature of your concern.

Impact assessment form

Technical support

Agriculture Victoria is working with Victorian farmers and industry to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters, including floods and storms. This includes delivering technical information and supporting events to support farm business recovery on topics such as:

  • grazing, cropping and pasture management
  • irrigation and horticulture system rehabilitation
  • soil erosion management
  • land management
  • animal health and nutrition
  • farm mapping and planning
  • water quality
  • weed management.

Farmers seeking agriculture recovery assistance or advice are encouraged to phone the Agriculture Recovery team on 0427 694 185

If leaving a message please provide your name, phone number and locality, with a brief statement about the nature of your concern.  Alternatively, please email your enquiry to

For information about upcoming recovery events and field days, explore our current/ upcoming events .

Have you been impacted by bushfire?

Information and resources to help primary producers impacted by fires is available. To learn what you need to do immediately after a bushfire has passed, read What to do after bushfire? .

Fire toolkit

Download the resources, checklists and template for developing a fire preparedness plan from the fire toolkit.

Rural Financial Counselling Service

The Rural Financial Counselling Service offers free and independent financial information, options, decision making support and referral services to farmers and small, related rural businesses who are in, or at risk of, financial hardship.

To find your closest service call 1300 771 741 or visit the Rural Financial Counselling Network website.

National Centre for Farmer Health

The National Centre for Farmer Health is supporting primary producers through the delivery of initiatives to boost farmer mental health and wellbeing, including:

  • Distribution of mental health resources and support information
  • Managing Stress on the Farm’ book explores the common causes of stressors on farms and offers practical ways to deal with them. It also includes the Steering Straight plan, to help individuals manage their mental health with practical, useful steps.

More information is available on the National Centre for Farmer Health website.

October 2022 floods and storms

Primary producer flood recovery grants final claim date

The final claim date for applicants who successfully applied for a Primary Producer Flood Recovery grant for the October 2022 floods and storms  is 31 May 2024.

This applies to successful applicants of the  Primary Producer Flood Recovery Grant, Rural Landholder Grant, and Transport Support Program.

Rural Finance administer these programs on behalf of the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments.

If you applied to Rural Finance for financial support for the October 2022 to January 2023 floods and storms and have a question about your application, contact Rural Finance.

For more information