North West Victoria Vertebrate Pest Management project

The North West Victoria Vertebrate Pest Management project will support farmers to manage declared pest animals and adjust to changes in dingo conservation.

Dingoes are now protected in north-west Victoria on both public and private land and it is an offence to destroy them without authorisation.

The changes were made to protect the dingo population in the north-west, which is at risk of extinction.

About the project

The North West Victoria Vertebrate Pest Management Project will be delivered through:

  • a pilot over the next 12 months and
  • a long-term community and government collaborative program.

The Pilot Project

The pilot project is designed to support landholders to adapt to the changes around dingo conservation and to support landowners in the management of a range of vertebrate pest animals including rabbits, foxes, feral pigs and feral goats.

The 12 month pilot includes a $550,000 budget. Project activities will be developed in consultation with the community and led by a community and stakeholder steering group.

Landholders will be asked to provide input into focus areas for the non-lethal management of dingoes, and to provide advice to Agriculture Victoria on which species are the priority and where to tackle them. For example, in some areas feral pigs may be the priority pest and in others it may be rabbits, foxes or goats.

A key part of the project is to build landholders skills in managing dingo predation and the impacts of vertebrate pests.

The project may include:

  • Information sharing and technical expertise to support best practice management of vertebrate pests. This may include field days, extension programs and landowner training.
  • Training in vertebrate pest and predator management by Agriculture Victoria experts.
  • Coordinated fox baiting across private and public land, in a way that prevents off-target impacts to dingoes.
  • Trials and demonstrations of non-lethal long-term dingo management such as exclusion fencing and guardian animals and managing water availability on private and public land.

Long term Vertebrate Pest Management Program

The learnings and input during the 12-month pilot will be used to develop and deliver longer term vertebrate pest management programs and inform dingo conservation and management efforts across Victoria.

Who is involved

The project aims to bring community and government together to support dingo conservation and work on long term vertebrate pest management together:

  • Landholders in north-west Victoria likely to be affected by the recent changes to the dingo unprotection order.
  • Public and private land managers such as Parks Victoria.
  • Farmer and environmental groups. This may include the Victorian Farmers Federation, Landcare, Best Wool/Best Lamb groups.
  • Traditional Owner groups

What might be funded in the 12 month pilot

Activities considered for funding include:

  • Exclusion fencing demonstration sites.
  • A co-ordinated community fox baiting program.
  • Priority invasive pest management.

How you can be involved

The success of the project depends on community involvement and local landowners working together, sharing their experiences and expertise.

You can be involved by:

  • Sharing your ideas and experiences about pest animal management. What works on your farm? What would you like to learn or improve?
  • Attend field days and demonstrations around exclusion fencing, guardian animals and other non-lethal dingo management options.
  • Be part of the community and stakeholder steering group.

For further information about the North West Victoria Vertebrate Pest Management Project, contact Fraser Harrison, Engagement Officer Vertebrate Pests on 0407 814 693 or email

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