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Media contacts

Justine Severin
Phone: 0436 674 804

Sophie Patrick
Phone: 0402 928 452

Tess Vallance
Phone: 0437 223 276

Regional media contacts

Barwon South West

Mel Curtis
Phone: 0402 001 853


Helen Vaughan
Phone: 0409 255 140


Anna Ferguson
Phone: 0499 540 475


Sarah Hetherington
Phone: 0409 405 639

Loddon Mallee

Mel Curtis
Phone: 0402 001 853

Regional media newsletters

Provides weekly news and event information for a specific region.

The regional ag newsletters will commence again on Thursday 2 February, 2023.

Social media

The department uses social media to engage with the community regarding its services and support.

Social media has had a great impact in the farming sector across the world, partly due to the disparate nature of the industry as well as the development of mobile technologies.

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Page last updated: 03 Feb 2023