Traceability Community

A group of community members in discussion in a farm environment.

The Traceability Community is designed to inform people in the food and fibre supply chain about traceability. It provides an interactive space to:

  • Ask questions about traceability
  • Connect with a network of traceability leaders and experts
  • Stay updated with research, export requirements, and information


Victoria’s food and fibre exports are a major driver of the state’s economy and our reputation for delivering safe and high-quality products relies on a strong traceability system.

The Traceability Community is a centralised place for the agricultural industry to find and share information on traceability. It’s a place where innovation is welcome, and members are encouraged to engage with their partners along the supply chain to advance their traceability systems.

Who can join

Anyone interested in learning about traceability or sharing their traceability experience can join. Participants include farmers, producers, processors, packers, freight and logistics providers, exporters, technology providers, business decision-makers, researchers, educators, and government.

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Page last updated: 19 Sep 2023