Horsham SmartFarm

Rows of plant pots in a greenhouse

The Horsham SmartFarm in the Wimmera is focused on improving productivity and biosecurity outcomes for the grains industry through seed-to-landscape innovations and mitigating the impacts of climate change through the adaptation of cropping systems.

The SmartFarm uses and demonstrates innovative, cutting-edge digital technology to increase the productivity, profitability and sustainability of grain growers. It incorporates research facilities at the Horsham Grains Innovation Park, and a 600-heactare research farm that supports a range of research activities including new pulse variety breeding, crop agronomy, soil sciences and nutrient management, crop protection and biosecurity.

The Horsham SmartFarm also includes key research and innovation assets such as the Australian Grains Genebank and Plant Phenomics Victoria facilities.

Page last updated: 25 Jun 2020