Make a few simple changes around your property

All it takes is something small to affect your animals and your community. Yet all it takes to protect your future is a farm biosecurity plan and a few simple changes.

A farm biosecurity plan is a simple tool to help minimise the risks of diseases, pests and weeds on your property. Starting a farm biosecurity plan doesn’t need to be complicated, there are simple changes you can start making today, including:

  • Having a pair of farm only boots.
  • Recording visitors that come to your property.
  • Ensuring visitors come clean and go clean.
  • Having a dedicated wash down area.
  • Keeping vehicles and machinery clean.
  • Displaying biosecurity signage on entries and exists.
  • Knowing the signs disease in your animals.

You can take action today by making simple biosecurity changes around your property. The future will thank you.

All it takes is something small to affect your animals’ biosecurity; muddy boots, unmaintained fences, equipment that hasn’t been cleaned. Yet all it takes to protect your future, and make sure something small doesn’t become something so much bigger, is a few simple changes you can make around your property, and a biosecurity plan. Get started today at Your future will thank you.

Practical biosecurity steps

There are practical things you can do around your property that can improve biosecurity. Check out our guide to practical biosecurity on your farm.

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Free training

We have a range of free online training courses to help you understand the biosecurity risks that can impact your property. Topics include biosecurity hygiene and understanding the signs of disease in your animals.

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Farm biosecurity plans and templates

A farm biosecurity plan is an essential tool to help minimise the risks of diseases, pests and weeds entering your property. Check out the templates from livestock industry partners to help you get started.

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Come Clean, Go Clean

Good biosecurity hygiene when you enter and exit a farm is essential to prevent the unwanted spread of diseases, pests and weeds. Check out our information for farm visitors and service providers.

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Get a Property Identification Code (PIC)

A Property Identification Code (PIC) is an important biosecurity tool and is required if you have livestock on your property. They’re free and available online.

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Download resources for councils, businesses and industry organisations on The Future Will Thank You biosecurity basics campaign.

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