Farm biosecurity planning and templates

A farm biosecurity plan is an essential tool for farmers who want to prevent, eliminate, and minimise biosecurity risks on-farm.

It is recommended that anyone who keeps or owns livestock or who operates a cropping or horticulture business, has a biosecurity plan for their property.

Animal Health Australia, Dairy Australia, Australian Pork Limited and Integrity Systems Company have produced templates that producers can use to create a farm biosecurity plan. Check with your most relevant industry organisation for tailored biosecurity information and resources for your farm.

Agriculture Victoria Biosecurity Management Plan coversheet

New laws have been introduced in Victoria under the Livestock Management Act 2010, enabling livestock producers to protect their property from unlawful trespassers. To take advantage of these protections, producers must include a farm map and specific information as part of their farm biosecurity plan and display compliant biosecurity signage.

A Biosecurity Management Plan (BMP) coversheet template that includes the required specific information is available to download.

Complete and attach the BMP coversheet to your existing farm biosecurity plan to ensure biosecurity offences are enforceable on your farm.

Agriculture Victoria BMP coversheet template (WORD - 36.4 KB)

Which farm biosecurity plan template is right for me?

A farm biosecurity plan is an important risk management tool. It can be a simple checklist to meet Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) and Animal Health Australia (AHA) requirements or part of a more detailed and strategic plan. The right plan for you depends on the type of farm business, its risk profile and your particular needs.

Animal Health Australia on-farm biosecurity

The Animal Health Australia (AHA) Better On-farm Biosecurity web page includes a video that demonstrates how to complete  a farm biosecurity plan and has a downloadable on-farm biosecurity plan template. You can also access an action planner and other biosecurity essentials.

AHA Better On-farm Biosecurity page

Integrity Systems biosecurity plan template

Integrity Systems provides a range of tools and assistance as part of the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program.

The biosecurity section includes information on biosecurity practices and a downloadable template. If you have an LPA account you can also upload the information online.

Integrity Systems biosecurity information and downloadable template

Support tool: Farm biosecurity action planner

The farm biosecurity action planner was produced by Animal Health Australia as part of their farm biosecurity package.

The farm biosecurity action planner is not the same as a biosecurity plan, however it can be used for creating and actioning a biosecurity plan. It is important you update your LPA and AHA details every 12 months to reflect any changes including new property, livestock, enterprises and contact details. The planner is also available as a download from the page.

Farm biosecurity action planner

Dairy Australia - Emergency animal disease preparedness

Dairy Australia has several useful resources to download including a farm biosecurity plan template.

DA emergency animal disease preparedness

Australian Pork Ltd. - Biosecurity plan and resources

On this page, you will find the tools to help you develop your own biosecurity plan and support the implementation of simple, everyday biosecurity practices to protect your herd health.

Resources are available for all levels of pig keeping and production, whether you have one or two pet pigs, a hobby farm, keep pigs for your own consumption or are a small or large commercial operation.

Australian Pork biosecurity plan and resources

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