Private Veterinarians in an Emergency Response

Agriculture Victoria is strengthening Victoria's biosecurity preparedness for an emergency animal disease outbreak.

Private veterinarians will play a critical role in supporting government to Emergency Animal Disease (EAD) outbreaks such as foot-and-mouth disease or lumpy skin disease.

In the event of an EAD incursion in Victoria, Agriculture Victoria would be responsible for the control and eradication of the disease including decisions around control strategies, surveillance, detection, and any necessary destruction and disposal of livestock. Private veterinarians can assist Agriculture Victoria by providing valuable expertise and surge capacity to assist in a response.

As part of our planning, it is crucial to understand how government and private veterinarians from across our state can work together to prepare and ensure the best possible outcome for our agriculture industry.

Key tasks required from private veterinarians

Emergency response work could include:

  • investigation of suspect cases
  • in-field surveillance
  • diagnostic sampling
  • euthanasia and vaccination

To provide support and expertise, temporary employment or contracted service opportunities would be available for private veterinarians to work in the field and provide essential services to help control the spread of the disease.

A nationally consistent approach

The Animal Health Committee (AHC) for Australia has established a working group on the Engagement of Private Veterinarians during an EAD response, which has developed the National Guidance document.

Working group members from all states, territories and Commonwealth governments, Australian Veterinary Association, Animal Health Australia and Wildlife Health Australia are meeting regularly to continue this work.

Expression of interest

All veterinarians are encouraged to consider their potential role in the event of an EAD, and to stay up to date on the latest news and developments in this space.

Expression of Interest

You can also express interest through your annual registration with the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria.

For further information or questions contact

Veterinary engagement forum – emergency animal diseases

Agriculture Victoria delivered a webinar to vets providing an overview of:

  • The Victorian Government Emergency Animal Disease (EAD) Preparedness Program
  • Biosecurity threats and current risk status
  • Biosecurity response arrangements in Victoria
  • The potential role of private vets in an EAD response
  • How Agriculture Victoria will work with private vets during the preparedness phase, and any response to an EAD event
  • How will private vets be engaged/contracted
  • Training opportunities
  • Other matters for consideration
Watch the recording
Page last updated: 05 Apr 2024