Biosecurity requirements to export table grapes to Tasmania

Biosecurity Update: 3 November 2023

Certification requirements for exporting table grapes to Tasmania have been clarified and updated.

Tasmania is state free of Queensland Fruit Fly and Phylloxera. To protect this status, they have import conditions for table grapes to entering the state, which have been updated to include acceptance of PHY02 (shown in bold below).

Import COnditions for Table Grapes into Tasmania

Table grapes need to meet:

1. Import Requirement 10 (IR-10) for Phylloxera

  • For table grapes sourced from a Phylloxera Exclusion zone, the table grapes must have originated from a property free of grape phylloxera. This can be certified by an:
    • (a) ICA-23 accredited business; or
    • (b) ICA-20 accredited business with PHY02* source property endorsement. Source property endorsement must be for each property where table grapes are grown and/or packed.


  • For table grapes sourced from a Phylloxera Risk or Infested Zone the table grapes must be packaged with sulphur pads containing a minimum of 970g/kg sodium metabisulphite at the labelled rate and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions; and certified by a Plant Health Certificate issued by an Agriculture Victoria inspector.

2. Import Requirement 42 (IR-42) for Queensland Fruit Fly

  • An approved system of pre-harvest treatments, identification and segregation of treated grapes, and post-harvest inspection with no live fruit fly infestation found; and
  • certified by a Plant Health Certificate issued by an Agriculture Victoria inspector or a Plant Health Assurance Certificate issued by an accredited ICA-20 Business.

3. Schedule 1B - secure conditions for Queensland Fruit Fly

  • For packaged produce, it must be handled, stored and transported continuously and securely for the duration of the produce’s transit to end destination from its point of origin certification for freedom from Fruit Fly infestation, in either:
    • (c) Unvented packages; or
    • (d) Vented packages with the vents secured with mesh with a maximum aperture of 1.6mm; or
    • (e) Vented packages enclosing a liner bag or liner sheets that obscure vent holes; or
    • (f) Packages, bins or palletised units fully enclosed under plastic wrap, tarpaulins, hessian, mesh or other coverings which provide a maximum aperture of 1.6mm.

* PHY02 endorsement means a Source Property Authorisation endorsed by Agriculture Victoria stating that the property is located within a PEZ. Application for Source Property Authorisation is in addition to ICA-20 accreditation. Please complete an Application for Area or Property Freedom for each property where table grapes are grown and/or packed for consignment to Tasmania.

Further information

View the Tasmania import conditions in the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania.

For further information regarding movement and treatment requirements, please contact Agriculture Victoria on 1800 878 962 or email Officers in your region for service delivery:

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