Book update: Phylloxera used equipment and packages Plant Health Declaration (PHD)

Biosecurity Update: 19 December 2023

Context: For holders of permits for ‘Phylloxera used equipment and packages’ who use the Plant Health Declaration (PHD) book, Agriculture Victoria has transitioned to a new version of the PHD book from November 2023.

Changes to the PHD Book

Agricultural equipment and packages moving out of a Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ) or into Phylloxera Exclusion Zone (PEZ) must be consigned with a PHD certifying that permit conditions have been met. PHD’s must only be completed by persons nominated on the permit application form.

The ‘Phylloxera used equipment and packages’ PHD book in circulation is version 4.1 (April 2019). From November 2023, Agriculture Victoria have updated to version 5.1 (September 2023). Plant Health Declarations issued from both the current and new version of the PHD book will be accepted during the 2023/24 season. From July 2024 only the new 5.1 version will be accepted for consignment. Refer to the version number printed at the bottom of the page to confirm that you are using the correct PHD book.

Key changes included in the 5.1 version of the PHD book are the requirement to record:

  • the associated permit number
  • phylloxera zone
  • cleaning method and date
  • disinfestation method and date.

Replacing PHD books with the new 5.1 version

Agriculture Victoria are supplying new versions of PHD books to permit holders during scheduled site visits or by mail. Alternatively, you can contact Agriculture Victoria by phone or email to arrange delivery. Separate instructions on how to complete the new Plant Health Declaration will be provided with the new PHD book.

If you are a current permit holder and the permit period includes the previous 12 months (2022/23 season), your existing PHD book will be replaced at no cost. A minimum of one (1) PHD book will be provided per existing permit holder.

New permit holders requiring a PHD book will be charged in line with fees and charges for Plant Biosecurity services.

Management of existing PHD books

Permits require the permit holder to retain PHD records for 24 months. You may choose to retain your 4.1 version (existing version) of the PHD book to meet these record keeping requirements. Alternatively, you can return your PHD books to Agriculture Victoria, to be archived on behalf of the permit holder for the required 24 months.

Further information

Permit holders can contact Agriculture Victoria to request a new PHD book via the following contact options:

For more information on Victoria’s phylloxera program visit

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