Update on PS-27: interstate movement of plants

Biosecurity Update: 1 September 2023

Agriculture Victoria has revised the accreditation procedure to ensure alignment with current import conditions of other jurisdictions.

Key changes include

  • Removal of references to PS-09 and Western Flower Thrip (section 3 and Attachment 1 – Northern Territory Technical Requirements);
  • Removal of Dothistroma (Pine) Needle Blight requirements to South Australia (section 7.1 and previous Attachment 1 – PSF-371);
  • Removal of Silverleaf Whitefly requirements to Tasmania (section 7.1 and previous Attachment 5 – PSF-282);
  • Updated interstate contact details for non-commercial mail-order nursery stock consignments (section 8.3);
  • Addition of chemical treatment with Methiocarb (750 g/kg) or Metaldehyde (50 g/kg) for the treatment of stock other than bare rooted stock for snail infestation (Attachment 1 – Northern Territory Technical Requirements);
  • Addition of scale treatment advice for vegetable and herb seedlings for transplanting and plants for growing on (Attachment 1 – Northern Territory Technical Requirements);
  • Update to South Australia phylloxera requirements for stock sourced from places not located with a PEZ. This changes the requirement that stock must be more than 100 m form any commercial in-ground grape vine on a property with no known history of growing Vitis spp., rather than more than 50 m from any grapevine. The phylloxera endorsement code was previously PHY05 and has now been updated to PHY08; and
  • Update to the Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) technical requirement to allow for the movement of bare-rooted nursery stock and bulbs from tested PCN linked land, and the allowance of potted stock for infested and linked land (Attachment 3 – PCN Technical Requirements).

For noting

Accreditation compliance audits will be measured against the current version (version 7.0) of the PS-27 procedure. In accordance with section 50 and 51 of the Plant Biosecurity Act 2010 failure to comply with the procedure can result in the cancellation or suspension of your accreditation.

You are required to familiarise yourself with this updated procedure for immediate implementation. Please advise Agriculture Victoria if you have any questions or concerns with operating under the requirements of this revised accreditation procedure.

Further information

For further information please contact your local Agriculture Victoria Plant Biosecurity Officer by telephone 1800 878 962 or email:

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Page last updated: 17 Oct 2023