New order made for Maroondah Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ) extension.

Biosecurity update: 8 January 2024

A new Victorian PIZ Control Area Order has been made, including an extension of the Maroondah PIZ due to phylloxera detections in April 2023.

Maroondah Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ) boundary extension

In response to phylloxera detections in April in the Yarra Valley Geographic Indication, the Maroondah PIZ boundary has been extended in the south near Yellingbo and Gembrook. In accordance with the National Phylloxera Management Protocols, a buffer zone has been established around the new detections.

The phylloxera zone of a property can be confirmed using the online interactive map or printable maps available on the Agriculture Victoria website.

Information for properties now included in the PIZ

Movement from a PIZ

Movement of any phylloxera host material from a PIZ (even to another PIZ) is prohibited unless movement is made under a permit and the permit conditions are adhered to.

Information on the conditions that may be on a permit are available on the online Plant Quarantine Manual page. Select ‘grape phylloxera’ in the pest or disease filter box and allow the webpage to re-load.

Movement within the Maroondah PIZ

While movement within the PIZ is allowed, grape growers within the PIZ are encouraged to adopt farm gate biosecurity measures to help mitigate the threat of phylloxera spreading to or from their vineyard.

Movement interstate

Movement from a PIZ to another state requires a permit to leave the PIZ and requires any conditions of the receiving jurisdiction to be met. Entry conditions for other states can be confirmed by locating the state and their entry conditions from the Australian Interstate Quarantine website,

Additional information

Phylloxera is a notifiable pest under section 17 of the Plant Biosecurity Act 2010. If you suspect phylloxera may be present in your vineyard, you must notify Agriculture Victoria by emailing

For further information regarding movement permits and treatment requirements, please contact your local Agriculture Victoria Biosecurity Officer by telephone on 1800 878 962 or email the Region relevant for service delivery:

South East Region (covers Maroondah PIZ)

South West Region

Northern Region

For more information visit the Victoria’s phylloxera program page.

Image of map showing Maroondah Phylloxera infested zone.

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