Land Health

Land Health works with dryland farmers across Victoria to improve the productivity, quality and health of their land and adjacent waterways.

Land Health is delivered by Agriculture Victoria with partners including:

  • Catchment Management Authorities
  • Landcare Networks
  • Federal Government
  • Industry organisations
  • Agricultural education institutions.

Our services

The Land Health Program offers training, advice and information to dryland farmers and rural service providers, in the areas of:

How we can help

The program can help farmers to:

  • improve the productivity, condition and management of soils
  • improve grazing, pasture and cropping management practices including better use of nutrients
  • use water more efficiently, improve capture and storage, undertake a water budget and understand water quality issues
  • manage land according to its capability
  • minimise the impact of wind and water erosion, dryland salinity, soil acidification and remediate degraded land
  • make more informed business decisions.


For more information about the Land Health Program in your region, please contact Customer Service on 136 186

Page last updated: 29 Dec 2020