Sustainable cropping

Red harvester in middle of field

The Land Health Program helps crop producers:

  • increase their productivity
  • reduce the impact of climate variability on dryland cropping
  • protect and improve our fragile soils.

It aims to give growers the confidence and knowledge to adopt new technologies and innovations that are driving the success of the grains industry. Farmers will learn how to manage the current constraints to increase productivity and profitability in the grains sector.

Our services

We run field days, workshops and mentoring programs for farmers to increase their knowledge in the following areas:

  • no-till and zero-till farming practices
  • retaining standing stubble for improved yields
  • improving water use efficiency in the cropping system
  • advantages of controlled traffic farming
  • new technology such as GPS guidance systems
  • innovations in cropping techniques
  • managing risks to market access
  • chemical group rotation and risks associated with off-label use
  • biosecurity (pests and disease)
  • business marketing
  • risk management associated with climate variability.

For general information about cropping see Grains and other crops.

Page last updated: 19 Jun 2020