Summary of HBCIDF projects 2020

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Honey Bee Compensation and Industry Development Fund overview

Beekeeper checking hives in an orchard, flowering trees in the background

Victoria's Honey Bee Compensation and Industry Development Fund (HBIDCF) is established under the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 (the Act).

Money in the fund is collected from:

  • registration fees paid under section 48 and section 49 of the Act and
  • all interest earned on money in the Fund.

The money in the Fund may be invested in any manner in which money may be invested under the Trustee Act 1958 or any other manner that the appropriate Minister approves. Under the Act, the appropriate Minister means the Minister administering section 19 of the Financial Management Act 1994.

The Minister for Agriculture must not make a payment from the fund unless the Minister has considered any relevant recommendations from the Apicultural Industry Advisory Committee (AIAC).

Apicultural Industry Advisory Committee members

The AIAC has been established to provide advice to the Minister for Agriculture on any proposed project for which payments should be made from the HBIDCF and any other matter referred to it by the Minister.

Under Section 70 (3) of Livestock Disease Control Act 1994, the AIAC comprises six members appointed by the Minister as follows:

  1. three are to be persons nominated by the Victorian Apiarists' Association Inc., and at least one of the persons nominated is to have experience and knowledge of the delivery of honey bee crop pollination services;
  2. one is to be a person with general knowledge of the beekeeping industry nominated by the Victorian Farmers Federation;
  3. two are to be persons nominated by the Secretary.

Apicultural Industry Advisory Committee membership at the time the 2020 project funding was awarded

Victorian Apiarists' Association Inc. representation:

  • Mrs Judy Leggett (Chair)
  • Mr Ashley Smith
  • Mr Robert McDonald

Victorian Farmers Federation representation:

  • Ms Gail Rochelmeyer

State Government representation:

  • Dr Rosa Crnov, Chief Plant Health Officer, Agriculture Victoria
  • Mr Joe Riordan, Senior Apiary Officer, Agriculture Victoria

Funding from the Honey Bee Compensation and Industry Development Fund

In 2020 the Honey Bee Compensation and Industry Development Fund supported four projects.

Open projects funded by the Honey Bee Compensation and Industry Development Fund

Any under expenditure remains in the Honey Bee Compensation and Industry Development Fund. Expended figures as at 15 June 2021.

These projects were approved by the Minister however are listed as $0 expenditure as no payments have occurred.

Smart Sentinel Beehives Pilot Program

Having smart sentinel beehives at seaports will provide 24/7 surveillance and will support refinement of this critical, cost-effective technology.

Administered by: HiveKeepers

Allocated: $40,000

Actual expenditure: $28,000

Commercial and recreational beekeepers conference

The aim of the project supports the engagement of a keynote speaker to present at the 2021 Victorian Apiarists’ Association Annual Conference. The presentation will address issues such as the threat of varroa entering Australia and its potential to devastate the pollination industry.

Administered by: Victorian Apiarists' Association

Allocated: $6,000

Actual expenditure: $0

Honey Bee Flexible Learning Bio security Project

The aim of the project is to engage an international expert in biosecurity, honey bee health and nutrition to present latest research findings at the 2021 Victorian Recreational Beekeepers Association Annual Conference.

Administered by: Victorian Recreational Beekeepers Association Inc

Allocated: $3,000

Actual expenditure: $0

Smart surveillance for bee diseases

Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostics for routine smart surveillance of beehives can assist in early detection of high-risk exotic and endemic bee pests to prevent their further distribution and maintain honeybee health.

Administered by: Agriculture Victoria

Allocated: $49,307

Actual expenditure: $10,353

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