Swine Compensation Fund

Victoria's Swine Compensation Fund (SCF) is established under the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 (the Act) and funded from duty collected on the sale of pigs or pig carcasses.

The duty paid is 2 cents ($0.02) for every $5 or part of $5 of the sale price for one pig or carcass sold singly, or the total amount of the sale price for any number of pigs or carcasses sold in one lot.

The maximum duty for any one pig or carcass (sold singly or as part of a lot) is 16 cents ($0.16)

Under Section 81(2) of the Act, the Minister for Agriculture can make payments from the SCF for the following:

  • administering the provisions of the Act relating to swine and;
  • projects for the benefit of the swine industry in Victoria.

These payments can only be made once the Minister for Agriculture has considered any relevant recommendations from the Swine Industry Projects Advisory Committee (SIPAC).

Swine Industry Projects Advisory Committee (SIPAC)

Under section 87(3) of the Act the SIPAC consists of up to9 members appointed by the Minister for Agriculture. Members are selected for their skills and experience with the swine industry, consistent with the prescribed skills under section 87(3) of the Act.

The SIPAC currently consists of 6 members:

  • Mr Tim Kingma (chairperson)
  • Dr Cherie Collins
  • Mr Robert Bayley
  • Dr Patricia Mitchell
  • Dr Robert Smits
  • Dr Kylie Hewson

Grant applications are closed

Applications for the 2024 Livestock Biosecurity Funds grant program were open between 4 March 2024 and 15 April 2024.

See main Livestock Biosecurity Funds Grant Program webpage for details.

Summary of SCF projects

For more information please contact LivestockBiosecurityFund@agriculture.vic.gov.au

Page last updated: 18 Apr 2024