Cattle Compensation Fund

Cattle in a field, windmill in the background

Victoria's Cattle Compensation Fund (CCF) is established under the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 (the Act) and funded from duty collected on the sale of cattle, calves or cattle carcasses.

The Cattle Compensation Fund receives $0.05 duty for every $20 or part of $20 of the sale price of every head of cattle sold singly, or for the total amount of the sale price for any number of cattle sold in one lot.  The maximum duty for any one head of cattle (sold singly or as part of a lot) is $5.00.

Each cattle carcass weighing up to and including 250kg attracts a duty of $0.90.  Each carcass weighing more than 250g attracts a duty of $1.30.

The duty on calves (any cattle less than six weeks of age) is $0.15 a head.

Cattle includes bulls, cows, oxen, steer, heifers, bison and buffalo.

Under Section 72(2) of the Act, the Minister for Agriculture may make payments from the CCF for the following:

  • administering the provisions of the Act relating to cattle or of any other Act administered by the Minister that requires the identification of cattle and;

programs and projects for the benefit of the cattle industry in Victoria. Payments from the Fund can only be made once the Minister for Agriculture has considered recommendations from the Cattle Compensation Advisory Committee (CCAC).

Cattle Compensation Advisory Committee (CCAC)

Under Section 79(3) of the Act, CCAC consists of a maximum 9 members appointed by the Minister for Agriculture.

The CCAC currently consists of six members who represent the:

  • cattle industry
  • livestock agents profession
  • meat processing industry
  • Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change (Formerly known as the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR)).

Current members of the CCAC are:

  • Mr Ron Harris (Chair) – cattle industry
  • Mr Michael McCormack – cattle industry
  • Mr Lachlan Sutherland – cattle industry
  • Ms Elizabeth Summerville – livestock agents
  • Dr Claire House – Meat processing industry
  • Ms Jennifer O'Sullivan – DEECA nominee

Apply for a grant

Eligible applicants wishing to apply for the 2024 Livestock Biosecurity Funds funding can do so online from Monday 4 March 2024 until 11.59pm on Monday 15 April 2024.

See main Livestock Biosecurity Funds Grant Program webpage for details.

CCF 2022 grant round

A total of eight project applications were successful in receiving a CCF 2022 round grant. These include:

  • Control and Prevention of Anthrax (Biosecurity Victoria, DEECA)
  • Optimal Outcomes for Victoria during a FMD incursion (Biosecurity Victoria, DEECA)
  • Victorian Significant Disease Investigation (SDI Program ((Biosecurity Victoria, DEECA)
  • Community pig control and surveillance (Forest, Fires and Regions, DEECA)
  • CRLX Enhanced Traceability Initiative (RLX Operating Company Pty Ltd)
  • Electronic National Livestock Identification (System (NLIS) (Cattle) tag subsidy (Biosecurity Victoria, DEECA)
  • Improving antimicrobial susceptibility testing for cattle (Agriculture Victoria Research, DEECA)
  • Property Identification Code (PIC) refresh for cattle producers (Biosecurity Victoria, DEECA)

For the latest information on the Livestock Biosecurity Funds grant program go to our Livestock Biosecurity Funds page.

Page last updated: 04 Mar 2024