Honey Bee Compensation and Industry Development Fund

Victoria's Honey Bee Compensation and Industry Development Fund (HBCIDF) is established under the Livestock Disease Control ActA bee keeper inspecting hives. 1994 (the Act) and funded from registration fees.

Registration fees for Victorian Beekeepers are as follows:

For beekeepers with up to 5 hives:

  • no charge, if you register online
  • $30 if you register and pay using the paper application form

For beekeepers with more than 5 hives:

  • $30 to register 6 to 50 hives
  • 60 cents per hive to register 51 or more hives

In accordance with Section 67(3) of the Act, the Minister for Agriculture may make payments from the HBCIDF for the following:

  • administering the provisions of the Act relating to bees, from the capital of the Fund derived from registration fees
  • programs and projects for the improvement and development of the apicultural industry in Victoria.

These payments can only be made once the Minister for Agriculture has considered recommendations from the Apicultural Industry Advisory Committee.

Apicultural Industry Advisory Committee (AIAC)

Under section 70(3) of the Act the AIAC consists of a up to 9 members appointed by the Minister for Agriculture. Members are selected for their skills and experience with the apicultural industry, consistent with the prescribed skills under section 70(3) of the Act.

The AIAC currently consists of 6 members:

  • Ms Angela Enbom (chairperson)
  • Ms Gail Rochelmeyer
  • Mr Marc Higgins
  • Mr Peter McDonald
  • Mr Joe Riordan
  • Ms Monique Leane

Grant applications are closed

Applications for the 2024 Livestock Biosecurity Funds grant program were open between 4 March 2024 and 15 April 2024.

See main Livestock Biosecurity Funds Grant Program webpage for details.

‎HBCIDF 2022 grant round

A total of two project applications were successful in receiving a HBCIDF 2022 round grant. These include:

  • Conference speaker on Varroa (Victorian Apiarists' Association)
  • Co-funding to support continued delivery of the National Bee Biosecurity Program in Victoria (Biosecurity Victoria, DEECA)

Summary of active HBCIDF projects

ProjectExpected completionContribution by HBCIDFAchievements to date

Co-funding of the National Bee Biosecurity Program in Victoria – Plant Health Australia

Supporting the employment of a Bee Biosecurity Officer within Victoria for 20 months as part of the National Bee Biosecurity Program.

June 2023$58,340.00
  • Completed and made live the State Quarantine Response Team (SQRT) e-learning course
  • Support for the Victorian Varroa emergency response

Assist restoration, degraded ironbark forests – Victorian Apiarists Association

Process to help ensure development and retention of mature trees beneficial to the honey bee industry and timber harvesters alike

June 2023$15,000.00
  • Engagement of a consultant to support the project

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