Our SmartFarms

Map of Victoria showing the SmartFarm locations: Mildura (horticulture), Tatura (horticulture), Ellinbank (Dairy), Bundoora (AgriBio), Horsham (grains), Hamilton (high rainfall zone)

Agriculture Victoria Research is partnering with industry, agribusiness, the education sector and communities to develop SmartFarms in key regional centres across Victoria that actively engage in multi-disciplinary research and innovation.

The SmartFarms capture and bring together technologies and data to support smart information and new opportunities for agriculture. Each SmartFarm is a gateway to research, innovation and technology, and skills development for Victoria’s major agriculture industries.

The SmartFarms are connected to each other and to the leading-edge big data and systems biology capabilities at AgriBio, the Centre for AgriBioscience, in Bundoora. Together, they form a research ecosystem that enables transformative science and technology developments and fast-tracks adoption of innovations in agriculture.

SmartFarms provide regional benefits by attracting agtech businesses and the world’s best science across Victoria’s agriculture regions. They showcase the future of agriculture to industries and communities and host education workshops to help attract more school students into science and agriculture.

Our SmartFarms have been developed in partnership with industry, agribusiness, the education sector and communities, and are part of the Victorian Government’s Smarter, Safer Farms program.

Page last updated: 02 Mar 2023