Water hyacinth information for culturally and linguistically diverse communities

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Trade of noxious weed information

This information is for culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD) about water hyacinth in Victoria.

Water hyacinth is a State prohibited weed in Victoria. It is a floating aquatic plant, that can:

  • reduce water quality
  • adversely affect native plants and fish
  • rapidly block waterways
  • impact on recreational activities such as fishing and boating.

In Victoria, water hyacinth is present in low numbers and Agriculture Victoria is working hard to eradicate it from the State.

It is illegal to buy or sell water hyacinth in Victoria, it is also illegal to display plants or place them in a waterway.

Despite these laws, some members of CALD communities have been prosecuted for trading it in the past.

It is believed the trade of water hyacinth by migrants is often due to the common use of the plant in their native country and a limited understanding of the plants legal status in Victoria.

In recent years, Agriculture Victoria has been trying to raise awareness about water hyacinth within CALD communities and encouraging people to report or surrender any water hyacinth plants that they may have to Agriculture Victoria

We have developed resources that provide important information about water hyacinth and information to assist those where language may be a barrier.

By working together, we can protect our environment from this highly invasive weed. With your help we can fix this problem. Every plant must be removed by Agriculture Victoria. Call Agriculture Victoria 136 186 and we will collect water hyacinth plants for free.

ESL resources

These products have been developed to provide important information to CALD communities in Victoria. They communicate information about the illegal status of water hyacinth and how to report sightings to Agriculture Victoria. These resources are based around an illustrated storyboard which was developed in consultation with members of the south-east Asian community.

Water hyacinth activity sheets

Additional and supporting resources including posters and story booklets can be sent to you via post. Please contact the Customer Service Centre on 136 186 to be sent a package of resources.

More information

Read more information on water hyacinth or other declared noxious weeds.

Page last updated: 08 Apr 2024