Victorian Government role in invasive plant and animal management

The Victorian Government's role is to:

  • establish and maintain a statewide strategic direction for the management of invasive species
  • provide preparedness for and prevention, eradication and containment of those invasive species that are not yet present across their full potential range and for which government intervention can be justified
  • provide pre-border and border biosecurity on a state level
  • engage with industry to minimise the risks of new incursions and to maximise protection from biosecurity risks
  • act where required as a regulator and enforcer in relation to invasive species and the techniques used to manage them, by providing appropriate legislation and resources to achieve compliance
  • manage invasive plants and animals on public land including where necessary, to protect adjoining land, as required to fulfil responsibilities under relevant legislation
  • manage State prohibited weeds wherever they occur
  • provide policy and funding for strategic research
  • engage with the community in pursuing coordinated action against widely established invasive plants and animals
  • engage with stakeholders and the community in education, pest management planning, implementation and reporting on both private and public land and in freshwater environments

More information

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Page last updated: 31 Jan 2024