The Victorian Food and Fibre Trade Pavilion (Vic House)

[Voice] Brett Stevens, Victorian Commissioner for Greater China

Hello Victoria and welcome to China. China’s been a buzz world all around the world for quite some time now and it continues to deserve the hype. The people here are open to trying new things and they recognise the quality of all our fantastic Victorian produce and our service providers. Now doing business in China does come with some challenges but for those of you who are willing to explore, the rewards are there. Now, I want you to come on inside and I want to show you how we can help you on your journey.

[Enters into Vic House building.Footage of demonstration kitchen, events space and product display areas.]

Our team continues to develop new ways we can help Victorian businesses engage more deeply with China. Today, I’m here in Vic House, a brand new venue we set up in October 2021. We offer a trade show like space for companies to showcase their product all year around. There’s a fully equipped demonstration kitchen with video conferencing facilities available and its all supported by our China team who are here to assist companies to host a wide variety of events wherever you are.

[Footage of Study Melbourne Hub facilities]

Here at the Study Melbourne Hub Shanghai, we have a dedicated space specifically set up for students to come and study, or simply hang out with their university friends. It’s where our Victorian educational providers connect with students and offer a range of services specifically focussed on providing the best support they can.

So, whether you’re a first time exporter of you’re looking to add China to your international footprint, reach out. Global Victoria is ready.

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About Vic House

The Victorian Food and Fibre Trade Pavilion (Vic House) is an innovative in-market promotional facility in Shanghai, developed to showcase Victoria’s broad agricultural, food and beverage capabilities to the state’s largest global export partner, China.

Vic House provides Victorian exporters with a unique opportunity to:

  • conduct targeted product tasting and testing in-market
  • undertake virtual business meetings with importers and retailers
  • grow their business through new export opportunities
  • maintain existing relationships and develop new networks in China
  • promote existing brands, and new and seasonal products
  • support entry into the China market.

Vic House provides Victoria with the opportunity to consolidate its strong position in the critical China market by providing a trade-show like space for businesses to continue engaging with buyers in market..

The Victorian Government is providing Vic House as a free platform to support Victorian businesses.

There is no cost to have products on display and to have full access to Vic House facilities. The cost of shipping commercial samples to Vic House is borne by the business. Any additional costs, including bespoke event related costs such as catering and entertainment, must be borne by the business.

Frequently asked questions

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Vic House welcomes any Victorian businesses who are already exporting or those that would like to test a product in market.

Existing exporters

  • You have been exporting to China for multiple years
  • You have established distribution and sales channels in China
  • You currently have or a planning to have staff in-market


  • You are currently exporting to other destinations and are interested in the China market

Aspiring exporters

  • You are interested in exploring export market opportunities in China
  • Your business is in a market engagement and or testing phase

Your business will have the opportunity to showcase your brand and products to a range of buyers, distributors and retailers during Vic House openings, bespoke events and tastings. The Victorian Government Trade and Investment Office in China has a dedicated Vic House trade team who will provide on the ground support and can arrange business to business matching meetings to support you on your export journey. Participating businesses have seen export increases of up to $3.5 million as a result of new sales opportunities.

Product showcase

  • Permanent display of stock keeping units (SKUs)
  • Viewings by distributors, clients and potential partners invited by the Victorian Government Trade and Investment team in China.
  • Sampling and tastings

Focussed promotion

  • Real-time feedback
  • Product explanation
  • Business to business (B2B) video conferencing
  • Facilitated one-on-one engagements


  • Tastings
  • Product launches
  • Networking

Please note there is no cost to have products on display and to access all facilities, however the cost of shipping commercial samples to Vic House is borne by the business. Any additional costs, including bespoke event related charges, such as catering and entertainment, must be borne by the business.

Check your eligibility

  • Are you headquartered in Victoria or able to demonstrate a contribution to Victoria’s exports and jobs?
  • Are you directly engaged in the agriculture, food and fibre industry sectors?
  • Is your business financially viable?
  • Do you have a sound case for doing business or testing your products in the region?
  • Are you currently exporting, or do you demonstrate export readiness?
  • Are you (or will you be) exporting goods or services that are of Victorian origin, or demonstrate that significant value-add has taken place in Victoria?
  • Are your products able to be exported and suitable to the market?

Get in touch

For more information, contact We would love to learn more about your business and interest in participating in the Vic House program.

Page last updated: 10 Jun 2024