Fruit industry careers

The fruit industry is made up of a diverse community of fruit growers supported by agribusiness advisors, suppliers, marketers, transport specialists and retailers.

The industry is dynamic and innovative and skilled workers are in high demand.

There are many different career pathways available in the industry, catering for a broad range of qualifications, experience and interests.

'I enjoy the balance between indoor and outdoor tasks. I like living in rural Victoria, having opportunities to further my career, working with new and exciting technologies, and contributing to the future of the fruit industry. The variety in my day-to-day job keeps things interesting.'

Madeleine Peavey – Research Scientist

'I think the fruit industry will provide good careers for a new generation. There is a lot of freedom, demand for our skills, and for food production in general.'

Bhupinder Kaur – Agricultural Technician

If you are interested in finding out more about some of the careers available in the fruit industry the following resources may be useful.

Careers in the Goulburn Murray fruit industry

Find out about some of the career pathways in the Goulburn Murray fruit industry.

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Page last updated: 06 Jul 2021