Growing field pea in Victoria

Kaspa type field pea varieties continue to be the predominant type grown across cropping regions of south east Australia and Western Australia.

Kaspa types are semi leafless, self-supporting plants, with sugar pod shatter resistance. This increases the ease of harvest. They have overtaken the traditional Dun types, but Dun’s still have a fit in the driest Victorian regions where they are often better adapted. White and blue field peas are less grown, but fill valuable domestic culinary niches.

Kaspa type grain is preferred for snack food in southern India over other pea grain types and attracts a price premium.

To avoid limiting the marketing of Kaspa type grain for export, growers should avoid sowing seed contaminated with  dun types.

Careful consideration should be given to differences in disease and crop management and ability to market and deliver other grain types.

All pea grain types are equally suitable for stockfeed purposes, but are segregated for marketing to human consumption markets.

See the Victorian Winter Crop Summary for a guide to field pea varieties and last season's yield results.

Page last updated: 26 Dec 2023