Our regulatory role

Our vision

Agriculture Victoria is part of the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR), and our work supports the department’s purpose. We are firmly focused on Victoria’s economic recovery and growth to ensure that it benefits all Victorians — by creating more jobs for more people, building thriving places and regions, and supporting inclusive communities.

We strive to be a consistent, responsive and trusted regulator that acts appropriately and proportionately and works with regulated parties, industry and communities towards shared outcomes.

Our regulatory objectives

Agriculture Victoria’s regulatory functions span much of our work.

We regulate to reduce harms and fulfil our objectives. Where possible and appropriate, we also adopt non-regulatory approaches. We aim to ensure our regulation supports and encourages business rather than hindering innovation and growth.

We regulate to:

  • protect plant, animal and human health and our unique environment from harm, such as biosecurity threats, emergencies, risks associated with chemical usage and reduction in biodiversity
  • support jobs and the long-term success of our industries and businesses, promote productivity and trade and leverage Victoria’s competitive strengths
  • protect and improve animal welfare
  • minimise food safety risks
  • support community, consumer, and global trading partner confidence in both Victorian agriculture and animal welfare standards
  • fulfil our legislative obligations.

Our regulatory role

Agriculture Victoria is part of an extensive local, national and international system that shares the responsibility of ensuring a safe, secure, and thriving Victorian agricultural sector that protects animal welfare and promotes biosecurity. Co-ordination among regulatory bodies is critical to minimise duplication within the extensive regulatory network.


Agriculture Victoria Regulatory Approach 2022-2027  (PDF - 1.1 MB)

Agriculture Victoria Regulatory Approach 2022-2027  (WORD - 526.1 KB)

Page last updated: 13 Dec 2022