Avian influenza detected at Terang

23 May 2024

Avian influenza virus has been confirmed at a second Victorian poultry farm.

The property is located in the Terang region and is linked to the property at Meredith where the H7N3 high pathogenicity strain of avian influenza virus has resulted in numerous poultry deaths.

The property in Terang is directly connected with the Meredith property, through joint management, staff and machinery.

The Terang property has been placed under quarantine and Control Orders are in place restricting the movement of poultry, poultry products, equipment and vehicles on or off properties in designated areas around the two infected premises. These include:

Victoria’s Chief Veterinarian Graeme Cooke said Agriculture Victoria staff are on-the-ground to support the impacted businesses and are continuing to work closely with industry to contain and eradicate the virus.

‘We encourage the community to play their part so we can suppress and eliminate this outbreak,’ he said.

‘Poultry owners who reside within the Restricted and Control Areas are asked to follow the restrictions and to report any unexplained bird deaths.

Dr Cooke said cases among humans in direct contact with animals infected with high pathogenicity avian influenza viruses are very rare but not impossible.

‘Consumers should not be concerned about eggs and poultry products from the supermarkets, they do not pose a risk and are safe to consume,’ he said.

All poultry and bird owners across Victoria are reminded to follow best biosecurity practices such keeping poultry sheds, yards, aviaries and equipment clean, and restricting contact between your poultry and wild birds.

Bird owners should also ensure their footwear is clean, always wash hands before and after handling birds or eggs and quarantine new birds before integrating with existing ones.

Any suspicion of an emergency animal disease (EAD) should be immediately reported to the 24-hour EAD Hotline on 1800 675 888 or to your local vet.

Find out more about avian influenza and see maps of the areas affected.

Media contact: SBOC.publicinformation@agriculture.vic.gov.au

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