Making cent$ of carbon and emissions on-farm

The 'Making cent$ of carbon and emissions on-farm' booklet focuses on practical actions that farm businesses can take now to improve their emissions performance.

In many cases, actions to reduce emissions or increase carbon on farms have multiple benefits for farm businesses, such as increasing farm health and profitability.

Most farmers have already made great resource efficiency improvements, helped by new:

  • technologies
  • practices
  • skills.

Such improvements can also reduce overall emissions.

The booklet is useful for farm planning and decision making, so farmers and service providers will find it equally informative and useful.

What the booklet covers

The booklet focuses on six action areas where emissions performance can be addressed:

  • energy
  • nitrogen use efficiency and fertilisers
  • healthy soils
  • livestock
  • trees
  • supply chain.

These areas aim to help farm businesses take control of their situation and consider options to improve the resource efficiency of their operations.

Get a copy of the booklet

Find out more about carbon and emissions on-farm in our Making Cent$ of carbon and emissions on-farm booklet:

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Page last updated: 21 Feb 2024