Selling or giving away a beehive

Beekeepers must notify the Bees Registrar in writing within 7 days when a hive is:

  • disposed of
  • sold
  • given away

This is a requirement under the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 and Livestock Disease Control Regulations 2017.

Select the blue 'Dispose/Transfer/Add hives' button under the 'Actions' heading and then choose to:

  • dispose of your hives
  • transfer your hives

You must enter the details of the person receiving your hives if they are being transferred (sold or given away).

Once this is done, update your BeeMAX profile to either:

  • reduce your number of hives
  • cancel your registration if you will no longer have any hives

Hive disposal form

You can also download and complete a notice of disposal of hives to notify us.

You can email to:

Or mail to:

Bee Registrar
Agriculture Victoria
Box 2500
Bendigo Delivery Centre
Victoria 3554

Page last updated: 20 Oct 2023